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Since 1951, Westminster Pharmacy & Wine Shop has distributed medication and other healthcare services throughout North Central Massachusetts. Providing personalized care is our highest priority, and we strive to cater to every individual customer’s needs.

We’re more than a store that dispenses and sells prescription and non-prescription medication. We’re a small, family-owned pharmacy that’s cultivating what it means to be a local establishment.

Our Story

Our pharmacy has been a part of the Westminster community for nearly 70 years. John Savage, RPh, founded the original Westminster Pharmacy in 1951. Joe, John, and Paul Serio purchased the building in 1989, continuing the family tradition of community-driven entrepreneurship.

For generations, the Serio family has embodied what it means to provide for a community. Grandfather Joseph Serio worked as a produce vendor and trader throughout the region in the early 20th century. He later opened Serio’s Market in 1950 with the belief that good-quality produce was vital to a healthy community.

Joe, John, and Paul’s father, Cosimo, devoted his life to practicing pharmacy. He opened Serio’s Pharmacy next to his father’s market in nearby Northampton, where it operated like other retail pharmacies of the time.

Pharmacies have always provided medicine and general healthcare within the towns and cities they serve. But they were once places where townspeople could meet, enjoy a meal together, and shop for their basic necessities. Because these settings were more open and communal, pharmacists could form relationships with their customers.

Providing personalized care is a value Cosimo Serio instilled in his son, Joe, at a young age, who went on to become a licensed pharmacist, farmer, and local entrepreneur.

Our Motto: “Business is the foundation of every vibrant community.”
Despite the challenges that small pharmacies have faced over the years, we’re one of the last remaining independent pharmacies in Massachusetts. We continually strive to deliver personalized healthcare for our neighbors and families, and we’re glad you’re here!
Joe Serio

Our Store & Community

We’re happy to answer any of your questions and concerns regarding your health, symptoms, and medication plan.

We’re a natural pharmacy in Westminster, MA, providing vitamins, supplements, and other over-the-counter remedies. In addition to our prescription and healthcare services, we provide food, beer, and gifts in our store. We offer a full selection of wine, along with tastings and weekly and monthly specials. 

Native Joe’s Farmstand & Ice Cream is now part of the Westminster family! In 2018, Joe Serio channeled his passion for farming and opened the produce stand next door to Westminster Pharmacy. Native Joe’s Farmstand sells fresh fruit, vegetables, flowers, plants, and frozen treats.

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