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Nutritional Supplementation

By Joseph Serio R.Ph. Registered Pharmacist

Last month we explored natural hormone replacement and the compelling reasons behind it. When a women's hormones are out of balance symptoms occur alerting the individual to the fact that things are not as they should be. The same thing occurs in all other disorders where symptoms manifest themselves and indicate that the body is not in harmony within itself.

The major reason for this imbalance is the simple fact that 91% of all Americans have a nutritional deficiency of 1 or more essential nutrients. This is a number that is both staggering and shocking in the sense that the Governments way of dealing with it is telling us to simply eat a balanced diet. Can you get all your nutrition from your diet? In theory yes; in actuality no.

First and foremost, the lifestyles of Americans today is such that there is no such thing as 3 squares a day; or the family even eating together in many cases! Even if it was possible, would nutritional deficiencies exist? Absolutely! The reasons are twofold.

  1. One are farming techniques in this country are such that we generally only put a handful of nutrients back into the soil. This is aside from organic farming where the soil is consistently maintained from year to year and hence these products are much better sources of the proper nutrients.

  2. The second reason and this applies even if you do eat organic food is the amount of nutrients that are optimal for life simply are not in high enough concentrations in food. Nutritional science is a very young science and it has only been recently that we realized that high amounts of certain nutrients could protect us against certain disease states.

At one time the whole idea of supplementation was met by scorn by the masses and certainly by the medical profession. Eminent scientists even of Dr. Linus Pauling's stature were ridiculed for suggesting that nutrients could prevent and cure diseases. Decades later Dr. Linus Pauling‰s ideas on supplementation have been proven to be alot closer to the mark than the ill informed medical people who even today are still saying you don‰t have to supplement . My advice if your medical person tells you it's not necessary, is to run don't walk from their office.

Even conservative bodies of medicine have finally come over to the correct side of the supplementation issue. The University of California Wellness letter (which by the way is the leading wellness newsletter in country) stated in their January 1994 issue (volume 10, issue 4) that " the accumulation of research in recent years has caused us to change our mind-at least where four vitamins are concerned. These are the three so-called antioxidant vitamins, plus the B vitamin folacin. The role these substances play in disease prevention is no longer a matter of dispute. A high intake of vitamins C and E and betacarotene seems to be protective against many kinds of cancer. They, and in particular vitamin E, may lower the risk of heart disease by reducing the build-up of plaque in coronary arteries. Antioxidants may even delay some effect of aging. Indeed we are only beginning to understand the importance of these nutrients and how they work." Slam dunk. End of story.

The message is clear. If you want to increase your changes of living longer, healthier, with less disease supplementation is the answer in addition to other healthy practices. What should I take? I hope you are asking at this point. The answer is not the same for every individual however there are some basic guidelines that I recommend for everyone. The first is to take a high quality multivitamin.

To find one, rely on a health professional that is versed in current nutritional science. Ask their opinion. What they will recommend is not the Centrum's and One a Day's but a comprehensive product that is formulated more in line with current nutritional science. In addition take extra Vitamin C 1 to 2 gms and 400 units of vitamin E. These are basic recommendations. Some people require more but this is a good starting point as a general recommendation.

As I've said many times do your own due diligence by reading and being proactive towards your own health. You will understand why supplementation is a vital part of you and your families health. Next month we will discuss other holistic options for optimal health.

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